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Project: Restoring gallery

Description of the project:
A Liquid Rubber applicator was approached to change an unsafe situation on an open gallery in Haarlem. During rain the water remained in the gallery, which was the reason the concrete started to erode and the floor was extremely slippery. A very dangerous situation in a place used daily by many people.

Despite several treatments, the problem remained unsolved, so ultimately the principal turned to the applicator of Liquid Rubber.

The old surface was cleaned thoroughly, dilatations were filled up with Joint Filler and the entire surface was treated with the B-Primer. Next a first layer of Liquid Rubber A-200 was applied. This has the same colour as the top coating, which in this case was CreteSafe T-300, a finish with anti-slip structure. In the still wet layer so called ‘flakes’ were applied for a decorative effect. As a final layer a protective coating of Liquid Rubber ClearCoat was applied. The end result was a practically new gallery and a very happy principal.