Project: Passive construction with Euro Rubber HBS200

Description of the project:
Passive building is a very important construction topic these days. To seal the window frame connection to the facade is an essential part of passive building. Euro Rubber was chosen again because of it’s high quality and quick way of sealing.

Euro Rubber HBS200 was applied on the connection window frame to the facade. Euro Rubber adheres to almost every surface and cures into a seamless highly flexible membrane. Because the products are liquid applied, it can easily seal the critical points like the frame anchors. The seamless cured product doesn’t have any weak spots that makes it a very durable sealant.

Euro Rubber HBS200 also adheres on light wet surfaces. That is a huge added value this time a year because a construction is almost always wet. So Euro Rubber was able to work through the cold and wet winter months.

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