Roof details

Roof details

Project: Sealing roof details

Description of the project:

Roof leakages often occur in many different situations. Liquid Rubber is an universal renovation product that can be used in many roof leaking situations.

At this project there were many leakages at the connection of the glass construction stones to the concrete. Because this job is visually accessable, the Liquid Rubber applicator did a very conscientiously job.

First the entire surface was cleaned. A

fter the cleaning, the edges were taped to realize a tight finish. Liquid Rubber HBS200 was directly applied on the surface and on some details a geotextile was placed into the Liquid Rubber. After placing the geotextile, a second layer of Liquid Rubber HBS200 was applied. The tape was removed directly after the application and resulted in a very neat and tight finish.

The leakages are gone and the customer is very happy with the application method of the Liquid Rubber.


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