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In many situations concrete needs to be waterproofed. It prevents water from penetrating into the construction or to protect the steel reinforcement that is inside the concrete.

Euro Rubber® is the right product to realise a durable protection of concrete. Whether it is to seal entire surfaces like basements or concrete decks, or concrete fringes and connections. Euro Rubber® provides a seamless and highly flexible coating with a durable flexibility of up to 900%. Because Euro Rubber® is fully seamless, the product has no weak spots or overlaps that could cause leaks.

Euro Rubber® is commonly used as a sealant on basements, foundations, ground level details, parking decks, silos, storage wells, manure pits, construction joints, retaining walls, sand-lime walls, Ytong blocks, prefab elements and many more. This applies to new constructions but also to renovation. Euro Rubber® can easily fix the cracks in concrete, and because of the durable flexibility, it will cover the cracks for a long period of time.



Waterproofing roofs can be a difficult job. Euro Rubber® HBS200 and Euro Rubber® SprayGrade are ideal products for many roof sealants. These products can be applied on many existing roofing products like bitumen, EPDM (pre-treatment), APP, PVC and many more. This way, old existing roofs can easily be renovated without having to remove the old roofing.

The HBS200 can easily be applied with a brush or roller to seal all kind of roof-related structures: pipes, outlets, drains, up-stands, roof windows and so on.

Euro Rubber® SprayGrade can also be applied as a waterproofing layer on insulation panels like PIR, EPS, XPS. Euro Rubber® can be applied directly on top to ensure a seamless and durable waterproofing layer.

Euro Rubber® is also the perfect product to waterproof gutters. It adheres perfectly to zinc and lead. Because of the adhesion and high flexibility the product can be applied on new as well as old gutter systems.


Euro Rubber® is frequently used as a sealing- or protective membrane for road and water constructions. The liquid and seamless membrane is being used on concrete bridge decks, composite bridge decks, parking decks, parking garages, ramps, tunnel constructions and many more.

Euro Rubber® is also suitable as a protective waterproofing layer underneath asphalt. This means that water which will potentially penetrate through the asphalt will not get in contact with underlying construction. Therefor no damage or leaks will occur, making it perfect for tunnels, bridges and parking garages or parking decks.

All the Euro Rubber® systems are cold applied and fully environmentally friendly.


Corrosion is the process where metals, which are exposed to oxygen and water, will start rusting. Corrosion is an oxidation layer that grows on the surface of metal. Corrosion is a major problem and occurs in many different situations. Corrosion prevention or the treatment of corrosion is essential in many circumstances.

Euro Rubber® can be used as corrosion prevention and corrosion renovation. Euro Rubber® is fully waterproof, resistant against chemicals and salt. The product adheres perfectly on almost every metal surface. It seals the surface and will not allow any water or air to get in contact with the metal. If the Euro Rubber® gets mechanically damaged, corrosion will never expand underneath Euro Rubber®. Mechanical damage is easy to repair with Liquid Rubber HBS200 because it will fully vulcanize with the existing product.

Euro Rubber® is also perfectly suitable to cover existing corrosion. The product adheres to corrosion and will seal the corrosion from water and air. This will neutralise the corrosion process. Euro Rubber® is frequently used to protect metals on steel walls, steel construction, steel pillars, halls, panels, silos and many more.


Liquid air barrier sealing is a well-known concept in Europe these days. Air barriers seal all unwanted seams and joints in construction. This way uncontrolled airflows will be prevented. Controlled airflows reduces energy loss, since air sealing is one of the pillars of energy efficient construction.

Euro Rubber® HBS200 is commonly used as a liquid air barrier in all sorts the European construction. Euro Rubber® is easily and effectively applied. The product adheres to light wet surfaces, adheres to almost every surface and can be applied very easily with a brush, roller or airless spray system. Because of the high flexibility (900%) and the lowest possible air tightness measurement (0.0004L/(s.m2)), Euro Rubber® ensures a high quality and durable sealant.

The product can perfectly be used to seal the connection from window frames, connection foundation to wall, around pipes and outlets, joints of prefab elements, connection wall to roof and many more.

Watch this video for an example of Air Barrier Construction: